We are an excellent ally in the development and implementation of the environmental processes of the organization and we understand that environmental compliance is an important factor for the development of activities of our allies and customers. This is why we have a trained and committed team.

We are able to execute:
  • Diagnose the environmental management of an organization
  • Structure and implement the organization`s environmental policy
  • Formulate environmental impact plans. Plans or studies of the organization
  • Manage environmental permits in accordance with current legal requirements
  • Implement and monitor environmental management programs
  • Formulate and implement environmental education programs
  • Formulate and implement strategies for waste management
  • Monitor the framework of environmental management & environmental licenses
  • Design and implement strategies that fulfill the environmental laws
  • Comprehensive environmental intervention
  • Actions and strategies for sustainability training
  • Implement integral environmental and socio-environmental certifications
  • Develop and implement environmental education strategies for pedagogy and andragogy
  • Accompany the implementation of certifications from Forest Stewarship Council FSC,
  • Rainforest Alliance RA, Global GAP, UTZ, Pacto Global, and others

Some of our activities in
Environmental Management